Mosaic’s commitment to education improvement continues for the 2022-2023 school year

Although they may not be aware of it, most of the nearly 5,000 students in the Hardee County School system all have one thing in common: they’ve been positively impacted in some way by The Mosaic Company’s commitment to helping improve K-12 education in Hardee County.  

Nourishing crops is a priority at Mosaic. So is nourishing young minds. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with local schools and community organizations like the Hardee County Education Foundation (HEF) to support programs that benefit teachers and students.

From learning about marine science, biology and ecosystems in outdoor classrooms to helping improve students’ overall reading and math scores, we are committed to making a significant, positive impact in the classroom and beyond.

Since 2011, Mosaic has provided $752,911 in funding that enables local students to participate in a variety of educational programs throughout the school year.

In 2018, the HEF also was given responsibility to create and manage the Grow Hardee Scholarship, a workforce development program funded by an $8,000,000 endowment through the Local Development Agreement (LDA) for Ona Mine between Hardee County and Mosaic, LLC.

Recipients of the scholarship award are required to prove residency in Hardee County for 365 consecutive days prior to being eligible to apply for reimbursement of tuition and other fees incurred while seeking their undergraduate college degree(s) or trade, technical, vocational, or industry certification(s).

In August 2022, the HEF received an additional $124,304 in funding from Mosaic for the 2022-2023 school year to support local programs like Battle of the Books, Outdoor Classroom, marine science and eco camps, educator and school grants, and Grow Hardee scholarships.  

To learn more about Mosaic’s impact in Hardee County, funding guidelines and how to apply, click this link.

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