Phosphate in Florida

About Mosaic’s Phosphate Business

Globally, Mosaic’s mission is to help the world grow the food it needs. But, locally, we strive to be a great employer, a responsible environmental steward, and a respected community partner. For well over a century, our phosphate business has been a major economic driver in Florida. Today, phosphate remains a leading export; directly employing nearly 3,000 Floridians and supporting thousands of industry-related jobs.

Our Focus

At Mosaic, we’re driven to be the world’s leading crop nutrition company. In the U.S., Florida is headquarters to our North America Business which includes many of our phosphate and potash production facilities. From our mines to our offices, we’re committed to being a great place to work and a responsible neighbor.

Caring for the Environment

The safety of our people and protection of natural resources is a cornerstone of Mosaic’s phosphate business. On a daily basis, our team utilizes the latest innovations to reclaim formerly mined land, conserve water, protect wildlife and minimize energy use.

Mosaic’s Impact

Mosaic supports the communities where we operate through meaningful contributions of employees’ time, knowledge and resources. Whether it’s volunteering at local food pantries, donating to schools or working with county governments and charitable groups, our regional presence is significant.